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Empower Developers to Build Amazing Apps using Simple Javascript coding skills

Browser Add-ons

Say goodbye to countless hours of coding & testing. Browser{G} lets you develop add-ons that are automatically compatible with all browsers.

Desktop Apps

Build rich content Desktop Apps using common javascript skills. Browser{G} engine will invoke your app and installer for your audience

Engage & Monetize

Distribute and monetize your Apps with our wide network and monetization solutions. Choose your plan to promote and start earning money on your apps.
Focus on your Creativity / Join our developers' comuunity
Build your apps / Export your web apps into desktop apps
One stop shop for app distribution & monetization

Javascript Based

Coding skills required are HTML & javascript. Breaking the barriers.

Custom Installer

Building your app you can choose either to use our custom installer or yours.

Learn your Audience

Our dashboards empower you with endless insights and real-time stats.

Promote your App

Benefit our network and let us assist in your audience distribution.

Earn Money

We offer you more than 15 Revenue generating plugins to embed in your app and make instant-money (coupons, pops, search, video ads, etc)

24/7 Support

Our teams will always be available to assist you through your development process.

About Us

Who are We?
The story of Browser{G} goes back 10 years ago, at the early days of Browser Addons. After building more than 150 Browser Toolbars from scrach, we've decided to contribute the community and establish Browser{G}.

Browser{G} was founded by a group of Tech-Savvies with a goal to become the ultimate developers platform for Browser Add-ons and Desktop Apps. After more than 6 years since we've released our first SDK, today we have more than 50M daily active users across 10,000 apps developed on our technology.

Want to join our community? We pick our developers selectively, that is in order to assure we can keep up with a very strict compliance related to our end users experience & privacy. Contact us today and tell us about yourself & the apps you plan to build.

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